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RS Levy Release NOW- Tax Consultants – Tax Attorneys, Former IRS Agents – Fast Levy Release

Stop the worry today. You will never have to talk to the IRS. We can not only get your IRS Levy Released we can also settle your back taxes.


Have some of the very best tax consultants on your side.

We are Former IRS Agents that taught Tax Law at the IRS. We know all the tax techniques and tax policies and can get your IRS Levy Released, usually within one week.

If anyone tells you they can get it released sooner, they would be scam artists, so beware.

We have over 206 years of total tax experience and over 60 years of working directly for the IRS in the local, district and regional offices of the IRS. We are composed of Tax Attorneys, CPA’s and Former IRS agents.


Being Former IRS Agents we are now working on your side. We know all the techniques and tax policies that can get you immediate tax relief.

If the IRS has sent a Notice of Levy on your bank account or on your wages simply by calling our firm we can usually get those levies released before the IRS takes your money. Our tax consults are quick, affordable and assessable.


How we can immediately get Notices of Bank Levy and Wage Garnishment Released?


As former IRS Agents, Managers and Instructors we have issued thousands of IRS Wage Garnishment and Bank Levies. We know exactly how to quickly get them released.

We have the inside knowledge to get the job done.


The process of Releasing the IRS Tax Levy:


1. As your tax consultants we will immediately send a power of attorney to the IRS letting them know we are now your tax representative and tax consultant. You will never have to speak to them. We handle all correspondence.

2. We will make sure all your tax returns are filed and current. If your tax returns are not up to date, the IRS will refuse to work your case. This is leverage that they use to get you compliant. We can pull tax transcripts, file and prepare your tax returns within days, even if you have lost your tax records. We can reconstruct tax records if necessary.

3. The IRS requires fully documented current financial statement. We will secure the required 433A or 433F (IRS financial statement), verify the income and expenses and work out a settlement agreement. The IRS will require a closing settlement method for each case.

4. We review with our clients how they want to settle their case. We get them an agreement based on their current financial needs.

5. IRS settlement closing methods are usually Hardship, Payment Agreements and the filing of the Offer in Compromise.

6. Our tax consultants can get your money back in your hands before IRS has the chance to take it.


It is important to know when the IRS issues you a bank levy, the bank freezes that money for 21 days. If you contact us soon enough we definitely have time to release your levy.
If the IRS garnishes your wages, IRS cannot take the money until your next payday.

The sooner you contact our tax consultants the sooner you will get your IRS Release of Levy.


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