Our services provided to individual taxpayers include tax compliance and planning to assist in minimizing tax liabilities and accumulating wealth.

● Federal and State Income Tax Return Preparation and Planning
● Household Employee Tax Compliance and Reporting
○ Assist with the household employment tax requirements
○ Prepare year-end payroll tax reports

Gift Tax Planning and Reporting

● Assist in determining what qualifies as a gift and if that gift is taxable
● Prepare gift tax returns

Foreign Income Tax Exclusion and other International Tax Issues
● Determine if the foreign income qualifies for exclusion under the physical presence test or the bona fide residence test

Federal and State Tax Credit Programs
● Assist in determining if certain expenditures meet the criteria for federal or state tax credit programs

Tax Planning and Consultation for Sole-Proprietors
● Assist with small business planning, cash flow management, payroll and bookkeeping needs
● Assist in determining the most advantageous allowable tax deductions

Tax Projections and Preparation of Estimated Taxes
● Assist in determining projected income and expenses. Use these calculations to estimate total taxes due for the year and prepare estimated tax vouchers.

Representation and Assistance with IRS and State Notices or Audits
● Review notices from tax authorities, determine the appropriate course of action and assist with responses
● Review returns under audit and represent you during the audit to assist in coming to the most taxpayer-friendly outcome possible

Roth IRA Conversion Analysis
● Assist in determining whether converting funds from a traditional IRA to a Roth IRA is advisable
● Advise on Roth segregation conversion strategy and recharacterization back to a traditional IRA if desirable

Analysis and Tax Preparation and Planning for Real Estate transactions:
● Like-kind exchanges
● Installment sales
● Mixed-use properties – vacation homes, rental properties, office in home
● Sale of principal residence