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Get Immediate Representation, you won’t ever have to talk to Internal Revenue Service!   One of the major benefits of professional representation is the peace of mind you get knowing you no longer have to deal with IRS on this issue. Our professional staff includes  CPA’s, enrolled agents and ex-IRS agents. These professionals represent you […]

Guaranteed Installment Agreement

AZ Tax Agents can get you a “Guaranteed Installment Agreement” from the IRS on your back taxes! Call us today 866.280.4384 How we handle your case: We obtain all the information from our clients and get an accurate description of the problem. We immediately send a power of attorney to the IRS so you never […]

Get a Release of the Federal Estate Tax Lien Let AZ Tax Agents help you release your Estate Tax Lien today. Many individuals have no idea how to go about the removal of the Federal Estate Tax Lien. Let us start this process today so your estate is free and clear of any IRS tax […]

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