Get Immediate Representation, you won’t ever have to talk to Internal Revenue Service!


One of the major benefits of professional representation is the peace of mind you get knowing you no longer have to deal with IRS on this issue.

Our professional staff includes  CPA’s, enrolled agents and ex-IRS agents. These professionals represent you before the IRS. Whether your problem is an IRS wage levy/garnishment, IRS bank levy, IRS federal tax lien or any other IRS issue you can be assured that your problem is being dealt with in a professional way.

Our tax professionals know the short cuts, the packaging necessary, and the right people at IRS to get your problem resolved. This knowledge allows us to handle and resolve your IRS problem as fast as possible. That means more time for you to do the things you enjoy.

Some of the benefits of immediate professional representation:


  • You do not have to talk with Internal Revenue Service;
  • You know your case will be handled and resolved as fast as possible;
  • You know you are getting the very best deal possible.

What are the dangers of self-representation:


  • Be aware of the far-reaching power of IRS;
  • Be aware of the detailed asset search that IRS can use;
  • Be aware that IRS may not really be closing your case;
  • Be aware that IRS is securing information about you to collect the tax in full.

Why will IRS work better with a professional company than me the taxpayer:


  • Professionals know what IRS is looking for;
  • Professionals know exact packaging required;
  • Professionals know the applicable national standards and adjustments.


Do I Need Immediate Representation


Much more is required than just a phone call

The IRS will want detailed information about your current financial status, including bank accounts, payroll information, IRA’s, etc., as well as the supporting documentation.

This is where our experience comes in, to know you are getting the best resolution to your IRS problem.

Our objective is to close each case with the best possible deal for our clients. Remember the IRS is trying to collect tax dollars owed to them. You have no way to know if IRS is offering the best deal because you have nothing to compare to.

We have worked thousands of cases with all kinds of IRS issues, we know a good deal, we know how to get results, and we use our experience to benefit you.

IRS is looking to collect the tax you owe

The IRS will ask you numerous questions about your financial situation and use that information not only for collection purposes but also to review your tax returns for accuracy.

As a professional we keep IRS focused on resolving the current problem and only provide the information required to resolve your IRS problem. IRS agents are on time lines to close their cases and we, the professional, know how to provide IRS what they are looking for, in a package easy for them to handle.

The IRS will require at least 3 months of you financial information with supporting documentation.

Our professionals know what to include and what to exclude. In addition, there are national standards that IRS follows on cases that involve back taxes.

Our professionals know how to work within the standards to get you the very best deal. AZ Tax Agents has proprietary software that has revolutionized this process.

IRS is the largest and most powerful collection agency in the world


Unless you work with them day in and day out, you have no idea just how this system works. Dealing with IRS can be a nightmare. It is rare to ever speak to the same person twice. Our professionals have contact numbers they use to call IRS agents that are used to dealing with back tax problems.

Problems like payroll taxes (941), federal tax levies, federal tax liens, bank garnishments, trust fund penalties, abatement of penalties and interest. Our professionals are privy to a special group of people who work these cases.

The same standards apply and no special favors are granted. However, the speed and proficiency through our experience is used to close your case in a timely manner.

Be aware that IRS does a very detailed asset check, they check credit reports and have search engine tools that find out everything about you. Also be aware that IRS may not be closing your case but placing it on a temporary hold.

At the end of the day, you must have a long-term strategy to close your case. Temporary solutions to your IRS problem only creates more problems down the road.


IRS Tax Representation – Owe, File, Settle Back Taxes

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