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We are comprised of IRS Tax Debt Attorneys, CPA’s and former IRS Agents. We can settle your case your the lowest amount allowed by law. Being former IRS Agents, Managers and Instructors we know all the settlement techniques and tax policies to get you immediate tax relief.

Our firm has over 206 years of professional tax experience and over 60 years of direct working experience with the IRS in the local, district and regional offices of the Internal Revenue Service. We are tax debt specialists and can get you immediate tax relief.

We have successfully worked thousands of cases since 1982 and are “A” Rated with the Better Business Bureau. Call us for a no cost professional tax consultation and speak directly to an IRS Tax Debt Attorney, CPA or former IRS Agent.

We taught tax law at the IRS and taught the Offer in Compromise Program Tax Debt Program) while employed by the IRS. As a result of years of experience we know everything there is to know about tax debt and we are one of the leading tax experts in the field.

How to deal with your IRS tax debt and get immediate tax relief.

There are three basic ways the IRS closes their collection cases off of their CADE 2 enforcement computer system. IRS will first require an IRS financial statement. The form that is used is a 433A or a 433F. Once the form is documented and complete, IRS will place you in one of three categories based on your financial statement.

1. Hardship or Currently uncollectible,
2. Payment Plan or Installment Plan
3. Accept the filing of an Offer in Compromise.

Each category is determined simply by your ability to pay the IRS at the current time. IRS considers your current income and expenses as well as assets that you can liquidate.
Keep in mind IRS will conduct a thorough review of your financial statement as well as reviewing your last 6 months of bank statements, confirm your income through your last pay stub and conduct an asset search. It is critical that you are truthful concerning your current state of financial affairs.

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1. AZ Tax Agents is a National Tax Firm whose principles have been practicing Tax Law since 1982.
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3. Former IRS Agents/Managers will review, manage, represent and close your IRS Tax Case for the best settlement possible.
4. We are one of the most experienced and trusted Professional Tax Firms with over 205 years of tax experience.
5. We have an “A” Rating from the Better Business Bureau.

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