We can take away your fear and worry today. You will never have to speak to the IRS. As Former IRS agents we taught Tax Law at the IRS and know all the settlement and closing techniques. We are affordable trusted and experienced.

We are comprised of Tax Attorneys, CPA’s and Former IRS Agents.

We have over 206 years of total IRS Tax Advocate Experience and we have worked for IRS for over 60 years in the local, district and regional offices of the IRS.
We taught Tax Law at the Internal Revenue Service.

It is of utmost importance you make a prudent and diligent decision when choosing a tax firm who will be your IRS Tax Advocate. With so many tax firms found on the internet it is hard to determine which tax firm is a good match to be your IRS Tax Advocate.

Here are some important tips to consider before choosing the tax firm that can get you immediate IRS tax relief.

1. Is the firm equipped with Tax Attorneys,
2. Does the tax firm have former IRS Agents on staff,
3. What is the experience level of the professionals that will be directly working on your case,
4. On your initial interview with the firm are you speaking to a salesperson or the actual tax professional,
5. What is the Better Business Bureau rating on the firm that will be your tax representative,

Many of the companies found the the internet or web that offer a IRS Tax Advocate  that can give you immediate tax relief are splash pages. A splash page is an Internet site set up to sell leads to the highest bidder for that contact information. What that means if your information is being sold to third parties along with the information you have given them.
It is in your best interest to speak directly to the tax firm that will be your tax advocate rather than filling out information being sold to third parties. you want to keep your information confidential.

Why AZ Tax Agents LLC.

We have an  incredible reputation in the industry. We can take away your fear and worry and you can be assured that you will get the very best result. We can make this promise simply because we were Former IRS agents and taught Tax Law at the IRS. We know everything there is to know about IRS and case settlement.
We know all the tax policies, tax procedures and tax settlement strategies to settle your case as fast and as affordable as possible.

We can get you immediate tax relief this very day. As your IRS Tax Advocate you will never speak to the IRS, we will file and immediate power of attorney and start the process of a tax settlement the day we are retained.

Areas of Professional Tax Practice:

• Same Day IRS Tax Representation
• Offers in Compromise or IRS Tax Debt Settlements
• Immediate Release of IRS Bank Levies or IRS Wage Garnishments
• Tax Relief from a IRS Bill, Letter or Notice of “Intent to Levy”
• IRS Tax Audits
• IRS Hardships Cases or Unable to Pay
• Payment Plans, Installment Agreements, Structured agreements
• Abatement of Penalties and Interest
• State Sales Tax Cases
• Payroll / Trust Fund Penalty Cases / 6672
• Filing Late, Back, Unfiled Tax Returns
• Tax Return Reconstruction if Tax Records are lost or destroyed
• IRS Tax Advocate

Our Company Resume: ( Since 1982 )

• Our staff has collectively over 205 years of Professional IRS Tax Representation Experience
• On staff, Board Certified Tax Attorney’s, IRS Tax Lawyers, Certified Public Accountants, Enrolled Agents,
• We taught Tax Law in the IRS Regional Training Center
• Former IRS Agents, Managers and Instructors with over 60 years experience  in the local, district and regional IRS offices.
• Highest Rating by the Better Business Bureau  “A”
• Fast, affordable, and economical
• Licensed and certified to practice in all 50 States
• Nationally Recognized Veteran /Published  Former IRS Agent
• Nationally Recognized Published EZINE Tax Expert
• As heard on  GRACE 90.3 FM Monthly Radio Show-Business Weekly