Help Filing Taxes – File Back Tax Returns

Filing Back Tax Returns – The process of filing back or unfiled, past due or delinquent tax returns:


1. We verbally review a year-by-year history of your income and expenses to file an accurate tax return.
2. We review any records you may have including all your bank deposits.
3 We pull all IRS information that they have received from 3rd party sources that have been placed on the IRS computer system over the past 7 years. These will reflect all income sources.
4. If you have lost your tax records we have easy and simple forms that can help you reconstruct your tax returns on any back tax years.
5. We can prepare through our years of experience a “reconstructed tax return ” that the IRS will accept and process. IRS has a specific reconstruction process. As a team that consists of former IRS Agents we know all the reconstructive methods used by the IRS.
6. We review all returns for accuracy with the client and send them into the IRS.
7. Should you owe back taxes we will work out a settlement agreement with the IRS to permanently close your tax case.