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How the IRS Works the Offer In Compromise Once It Accepts It Into Inventory

How the IRS Works the Offer In Compromise Once It Accepts It Into Inventory   There are common misconceptions about how the IRS actual works an Offer In Compromise. You will find in this presentation excerpts from the IRS manual on how the IRS looks and processes an Offer In Compromise. Remember, this is a...
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How Does the IRS Find My Office?

The IRS is the most powerful collection agency in the world. They have many resources to find your money and your assets. Locator Service Programs Locator Service Programs are automated services to assist the IRS in finding and locating taxpayer’s assets. The IRS maintains a system for these programs and utilizes the information received to...
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Employer/Employee Common Law Tests

IRS Employment/Payroll Tax Audit? Hire Board Certified Tax Attorneys, CPA’s and Former IRS Agents. “A” Rated by the Better Business Bureau If you are going through or will be going through an IRS Employment Tax or Payroll Tax Audit, the IRS will use what is called a common law test to make determinations. Beware! Do...
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165 Theft Loss Tax Deduction

Are you a victim of investment fraud? AZ Tax Agents can help you recover with a Theft Loss Tax Deduction. What is a Theft Loss Tax Deduction? Victims of investment fraud have a tax recovery option under IRC Section 165(c)(2) which is an often overlooked provision from the IRS. In most instances, capital loss deductions...
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