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Remove IRS Bank Levy

Questions about the IRS Bank Levy Remove the IRS Wage Levy! Don’t let the IRS take your paycheck! Call us today at 866.700.1040 and we can remove the Wage Levy.   Why did the IRS send a Notice of Intent to Levy? The Internal Revenue Service is required to send a Notice of Intent to Levy prior...
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IRS Notices and Letters

I have just received a Final Notice of Levy or a Final Notice of Intent to Levy from the IRS. What should I do next? If you cannot pay the tax in full you better speak to someone who knows what they are talking about or the IRS will take advantage of your lack of...
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Help For JK Harris and Company Clients

J.K. Harris is out of business leaving clients scrambling for solid tax representation. They sold advertising and not tax resolution. A couple of months ago J.K. Harris filed for bankruptcy because of the minions of lawsuits filed against the company. J.K Harris was ordered to back $4 million and settle various claims by Attorney Generals...
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The Taxpayers Advocates Office

Let AZ Tax Agents help you with the Taxpayers Advocates Office What is the Taxpayer Advocate Office of the Internal Revenue Service? The Taxpayer Advocate Office has the responsibility to those taxpayers who have unresolved tax issues or tax problems that cannot be resolved through normal channels. The Advocate Office strives to enforce professional and...
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The IRS and the Offer in Compromise

The Federal Government, like other creditors, encounters situations where an accounts receivable cannot be collected in full or there is a legitimate dispute as to what is owed. It is an accepted business practice to resolve these issues through compromise. The Offer in Compromise is a tool that the Federal Government uses to collect unpaid...
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