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IRS Tax Audit Reconsideration

We know the system. You can reduce your IRS Tax Debt and Settle. If you the taxes is a result of the IRS letter reconsideration we will settle your tax debt at the same time. We can get your IRS Tax Audit reopened and more than likely greatly reduce your tax liability. Many times the...
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IRS Tax Audit Defense

Let Former IRS Agents be your best tax defense. You go to your mailbox and there it is. Everyone fears the dreaded letter from the IRS. You open it up and it is some of the worst news possible, ” you have been selected for a tax audit for years. There are ways you can...
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IRS Tax Audit Help

We are one of the nations most experienced IRS Tax audit help firms. It only makes sense to have Former IRS Agents and IRS Tax Audit Managers handle your IRS tax audit and give you the most experienced and successful IRS Tax Audit Help. Facts about IRS Tax Audits: The IRS audits a total of...
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